Meet the Artist at Hutch: Jackie Koenig

Jackie Koenig was fortunate to grow up the the same city as her grandmother, Stella Thompson, an accomplished oil painter. As a young girl she would go over to her house to work on different projects and over the years her painting skills developed and a love for the arts grew. She went on to take art classes in high school, minored in studio art at Christopher Newport University and continued to paint wherever she moved.


Soon after she was married in 2007, Jackie and her husband moved to an island called Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The landscape of this area heeded endless ideas and inspirations- dunes, waves, wildlife, beach goers and marshes. Three years later they joined a Christian mission organization, Youth with a Mission, based in the northwestern part of Montana. She found herself again in a place filled with natural beauty and color, furthering her desire to create.


Jackie first learned to paint in oils and she hasn't stopped using them ever since.  


"I paint fast and messy. I am impulsive and hardly have time to clean my brush before I pick up the next color. I love the fluid nature of oils and their ability to change a painting so quickly. For me, there is always great satisfaction in seeing colors and shapes come together to form an image that reflects something beautiful".


Brenden and Jackie currently live in Richmond, Virginia with their three young boys, John, Ben and Luke.

She continues to paint almost daily, working from home as an artist.