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Silly Supper

What is Silly Supper?


Silly Supper is a once a month family-friendly dining experience at Hutch Bar & Eatery. Each month features a fun theme, that corresponds to a free craft for kids and creative dinner specials, draft beer, and cocktails for the adults.


Silly Suppers are typically on Wednesdays and are offered from 5pm until Close on the day of the event.

Meet the Artist

Hutch Bar & Eatery

1308 Gaskins Road

Richmond, VA 23238

Tel: (804) 308-0115


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Wednesday 11am-9pm

Thursday 11am-10pm

Friday 11am-11pm

Saturday 9:30am-11pm

Sunday 9:30am-3pm

Join us for a cocktail or two,

just next door